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We are a dedicated team with a wide range of various industry experience looking to empower and unbank Get Started

About Us

We are a dedicated team with a wide range of various industry experience looking to empower and unbank. We are developing solutions from the bottom up with the intention to help those always left behind.

We truly believe in the potential of smart contracts in the world. We need less of the traditional banking infrastructure and more of a fresh new take. We believe being able to have an honest living in the world despite what OFAC list you are or the incapacity to open a bank account because your streets are destroyed. We want to support and offer people an outlet to earn money.

Business tools are essential to crypto adoption and necessary to truly become bankless. Developing financial applications to meet global needs, be it selling coffee and honey in Yemen to providing key donations to war torn countries in Africa.

Our TRANSFERIUM network will allow business local and across the seamlessly interact and transact with one another creating a truly bankless crypto based economy.

Introducing Transferium and Transferium Share Tokens

What is the Transferium Network

We would like to introduce the Transferium Token ($TRFX) which is a stablecoin analogue to multiple stablecoins across different chains and protocols. We wish to offer a single token which can be used for business transactions for your business needs. This allows for very fast inter-network transactions at low cost. We are also offering Transferium Share Tokens ($TRFS) which are utility tokens which we will be minting to be used as rewards for adding liquidity to our TRFX Liquidity Pools. These tokens can be staked with us in order to redeem benefits from the Transferium apps ecosystem such as reduced transaction fees and discounted membership for the Transferium network. Stakers will also be rewarded with voting power in the Transferium DAO allowing for parameter changes. This token will be an inflationary token with a decreasing inflation window to motivate staking with the network to improve security and stability to our liquidity pools.


We are pleased to offer a StableSwap service which will allow for low-slippage trades on your favorite stablecoins across different chains. Your customers, employees, and vendors have different preferences and chains they call home and by supporting them across their platforms you offer them the flexibility to maintain the individuality and freedom they desire.

Be Your Own Bank Dapp

We want to make sure that you have a clean white labeled UI experience for your employees, vendors, and customers to confirm payments, trade their coins, and add liquidity as they would like to pools. This would also allow for staking TRFS tokens and redeeming the benefits.

Wallet Custody

We offer both a custodied and self-custody solution depending on the business needs. Some folks are ok with having a secure custody solution to take care of their stablecoins while others would prefer a browser/hardware wallet integration. We offer support for both models and we give the choice of how you want your business finances to be handled.

Business Tooling

The core of the Transferium technology lies in the tooling we have carefully designed for businesses to use. With multiple decades of real business experience under our belt, we are creating APIs that integrate into your business workflow to solve issues of streaming payroll, invoicing, vendor payments, utility and rent bills. We understand that your business already has a successful method for making sales and finalizing customers and we want to integrate with you. Our robust API hooks into your existing frameworks with only a few lines of code to offer a simple way for you to accept and transmit payments with stablecoins. 

Road Map

We know going Bankless is scary! We want to offer our Products in stages to
offer the most seamless integration into the business crypto work

Treasury (Q1 2022)

Track your stablecoins holdings across multiple chairs and wallets 

Payroll (Q1 2023)

Continuous streaming payroll to unlock employee freedom

Investing (Q1 2024)

Invest in companies o the Transferium  platform using our DEX token, TRFS 

Invoices (Q3 2022)

Use NFT and Oracle based invoices to request payments and fulfilling payments 

StableSwap (Q3 2023)

Introducing Our TRFX Stablecoin swapping between your favourite stablecoins in-house


Awesome People With Great Business Skills

Murtaza Munaim

Ex-Square, Ex-visa, 1st
Engineer @ SourceDNA
(Apple Exit)

Murtaza Badri

Forex Trader,
Construction Business

Qasim Ferozpurwala

Blockchain Developer and Trainer for Pakistani Government(PIAIC)

Yushea Akbari

Ex-DropBox, Ex-Zendesk Investment Banking, Private Equity

Yusuf Vajhiuddin

Multi-franchise Owner, Head of  AL-Aqmar Marketing

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We are a dedicated team with a wide range of various industry experience looking to empower and unbank. We are developing solutions from the bottom up with the intention to help those always left behind.





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